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  1. Books/Basic Card Control and Forcing.pdf1.22 MB
  2. Books/Card College.pdf147.26 KB
  3. Books/David Forrest - Card Through Window.pdf676.11 KB
  4. Books/Docc Hilford - Center Tear.pdf139.09 KB
  5. Books/Ed Marlo - FingerTip Control.pdf1.01 MB
  6. Books/Houdini Torture Cell.pdf984.15 KB
  7. Books/Jack Miller s Linking Rings Routine.pdf17.59 MB
  8. Books/Richard Osterlind - The Business of Magic.pdf307.90 KB
  9. Books/The Marlo Miracle.pdf138.78 KB
  10. Books/Two-Way Magic Bicycle Card System.pdf1.72 MB
  11. Covers/Basic Card Control and Forcing.jpg24.70 KB
  12. Covers/Card College.jpg54.22 KB
  13. Covers/David Forrest - Card Through Window.jpg21.08 KB
  14. Covers/Docc Hilford - Center Tear.jpg26.81 KB
  15. Covers/Ed Marlo - FingerTip Control.jpg130.86 KB
  16. Covers/Houdini Torture Cell.jpg53.87 KB
  17. Covers/Jack Miller s Linking Rings Routine.jpg67.29 KB
  18. Covers/Richard Osterlind - The Business of Magic.jpg71.93 KB
  19. Covers/The Marlo Miracle.jpg51.71 KB
  20. Covers/Two-Way Magic Bicycle Card System.jpg36.75 KB