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  1. Artwork/01.jpg72.46 KB
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  3. Artwork/03.jpg78.81 KB
  4. Artwork/04.jpg99.49 KB
  5. Artwork/05.jpg75.56 KB
  6. Artwork/06.jpg108.39 KB
  7. Artwork/07.jpg102.16 KB
  8. Artwork/08.jpg94.85 KB
  9. Artwork/09.jpg122.39 KB
  10. Artwork/10.jpg106.37 KB
  11. Artwork/11.jpg106.65 KB
  12. Artwork/12.jpg156.21 KB
  13. Artwork/13.jpg123.17 KB
  14. Artwork/14.jpg96.95 KB
  15. Artwork/15.jpg78.73 KB
  16. Artwork/16.jpg127.09 KB
  17. Artwork/17.jpg127.30 KB
  18. Artwork/18.jpg112.00 KB
  19. Artwork/19.jpg144.53 KB
  20. Artwork/20.jpg106.87 KB
  21. Artwork/21.jpg117.38 KB
  22. Artwork/22.jpg142.49 KB
  23. Artwork/23.jpg127.27 KB
  24. Empire/01 Best I Can.flac41.80 MB
  25. Empire/02 The Thin Line.flac43.79 MB
  26. Empire/03 Jet City Woman.flac42.18 MB
  27. Empire/04 Della Brown.flac51.41 MB
  28. Empire/05 Another Rainy Night (Without You).flac35.14 MB
  29. Empire/06 Empire.flac42.69 MB
  30. Empire/07 Resistance.flac37.63 MB
  31. Empire/08 Silent Lucidity.flac40.16 MB
  32. Empire/09 Hand on Heart.flac42.94 MB
  33. Empire/10 One and Only.flac45.83 MB
  34. Empire/11 Anybody Listening.flac53.48 MB
  35. Empire/12 Last Time in Paris.flac31.69 MB
  36. Empire/13 Scarborough Fair.flac25.93 MB
  37. Empire/14 Dirty Lil Secret.flac32.68 MB
  38. Empire/Queensrÿche - Empire.cue2.04 KB
  39. Empire/Queensrÿche - Empire.jpg54.38 KB
  40. Empire/Queensrÿche - Empire.log16.09 KB
  41. Empire/Queensrÿche - Empire.m3u949 bytes
  42. Hear in the Now Frontier/01 Sign of the Times.flac25.63 MB
  43. Hear in the Now Frontier/02 Cuckoo's Nest.flac29.61 MB
  44. Hear in the Now Frontier/03 Get a Life.flac28.36 MB
  45. Hear in the Now Frontier/04 The Voice Inside.flac28.15 MB
  46. Hear in the Now Frontier/05 Some People Fly.flac37.17 MB
  47. Hear in the Now Frontier/06 Saved.flac28.73 MB
  48. Hear in the Now Frontier/07 You.flac29.40 MB
  49. Hear in the Now Frontier/08 Hero.flac36.44 MB
  50. Hear in the Now Frontier/09 Miles Away.flac34.19 MB
  51. Hear in the Now Frontier/10 Reach.flac25.59 MB
  52. Hear in the Now Frontier/11 All I Want.flac27.59 MB
  53. Hear in the Now Frontier/12 Hit the Black.flac26.05 MB
  54. Hear in the Now Frontier/13 Anytime-Anywhere.flac21.34 MB
  55. Hear in the Now Frontier/14 spOOL.flac35.58 MB
  56. Hear in the Now Frontier/15 Chasing Blue Sky.flac25.77 MB
  57. Hear in the Now Frontier/16 Silent Lucidity [MTV Unplugged].flac41.04 MB
  58. Hear in the Now Frontier/17 The Killing Words [MTV Unplugged].flac30.74 MB
  59. Hear in the Now Frontier/18 I Will Remember [MTV Unplugged].flac30.92 MB
  60. Hear in the Now Frontier/Queensrÿche - Hear in the Now Frontier.cue2.84 KB
  61. Hear in the Now Frontier/Queensrÿche - Hear in the Now Frontier.jpg128.59 KB
  62. Hear in the Now Frontier/Queensrÿche - Hear in the Now Frontier.log20.54 KB
  63. Hear in the Now Frontier/Queensrÿche - Hear in the Now Frontier.m3u1.16 KB
  64. Operation - Mindcrime/01 I Remember Now.flac5.49 MB
  65. Operation - Mindcrime/02 Anarchy-X.flac10.44 MB
  66. Operation - Mindcrime/03 Revolution Calling.flac34.47 MB
  67. Operation - Mindcrime/04 Operation - Mindcrime.flac33.43 MB
  68. Operation - Mindcrime/05 Speak.flac27.58 MB
  69. Operation - Mindcrime/06 Spreading the Disease.flac28.02 MB
  70. Operation - Mindcrime/07 The Mission.flac40.26 MB
  71. Operation - Mindcrime/08 Suite Sister Mary.flac70.74 MB
  72. Operation - Mindcrime/09 The Needle Lies.flac22.51 MB
  73. Operation - Mindcrime/10 Electric Requiem.flac7.93 MB
  74. Operation - Mindcrime/11 Breaking the Silence.flac33.33 MB
  75. Operation - Mindcrime/12 I Don't Believe in Love.flac31.47 MB
  76. Operation - Mindcrime/13 Waiting for 22.flac5.69 MB
  77. Operation - Mindcrime/14 My Empty Room.flac8.24 MB
  78. Operation - Mindcrime/15 Eyes of a Stranger.flac46.59 MB
  79. Operation - Mindcrime/16 The Mission [Live].flac47.78 MB
  80. Operation - Mindcrime/17 My Empty Room [Live].flac15.26 MB
  81. Operation - Mindcrime/Queensrÿche - Operation - Mindcrime.cue2.50 KB
  82. Operation - Mindcrime/Queensrÿche - Operation - Mindcrime.jpg180.80 KB
  83. Operation - Mindcrime/Queensrÿche - Operation- Mindcrime.log19.21 KB
  84. Operation - Mindcrime/Queensrÿche - Operation- Mindcrime.m3u1.17 KB
  85. Promised Land/01 9-28 A.M..flac7.64 MB
  86. Promised Land/02 I Am I.flac30.01 MB
  87. Promised Land/03 Damaged.flac31.35 MB
  88. Promised Land/04 Out of Mind.flac31.59 MB
  89. Promised Land/05 Bridge.flac24.98 MB
  90. Promised Land/06 Promised Land.flac57.88 MB
  91. Promised Land/07 Disconnected.flac32.28 MB
  92. Promised Land/08 Lady Jane.flac28.33 MB
  93. Promised Land/09 My Global Mind.flac32.28 MB
  94. Promised Land/10 One More Time.flac32.43 MB
  95. Promised Land/11 Someone Else.flac27.52 MB
  96. Promised Land/12 Real World.flac30.90 MB
  97. Promised Land/13 Someone Else [Full Band Version].flac50.55 MB
  98. Promised Land/14 Damaged [Live].flac31.13 MB
  99. Promised Land/15 Real World [Live].flac25.69 MB
  100. Promised Land/Queensrÿche - Promised Land.cue2.21 KB
  101. Promised Land/Queensrÿche - Promised Land.jpg94.25 KB
  102. Promised Land/Queensrÿche - Promised Land.log17.34 KB
  103. Promised Land/Queensrÿche - Promised Land.m3u951 bytes
  104. Queensrÿche/01 Queen of the Reich.flac32.97 MB
  105. Queensrÿche/02 Nightrider.flac29.87 MB
  106. Queensrÿche/03 Blinded.flac24.40 MB
  107. Queensrÿche/04 The Lady Wore Black.flac44.65 MB
  108. Queensrÿche/05 Nightrider [Live in Tokyo].flac32.70 MB
  109. Queensrÿche/06 Prophecy [Live in Tokyo].flac29.59 MB
  110. Queensrÿche/07 Deliverance [Live in Tokyo].flac25.99 MB
  111. Queensrÿche/08 Child of Fire [Live in Tokyo].flac31.95 MB
  112. Queensrÿche/09 En Force [Live in Tokyo].flac38.57 MB
  113. Queensrÿche/10 Blinded [Live in Tokyo].flac25.00 MB
  114. Queensrÿche/11 The Lady Wore Black [Live in Tokyo].flac46.59 MB
  115. Queensrÿche/12 Warning [Live in Tokyo].flac36.89 MB
  116. Queensrÿche/13 Take Hold of the Flame [Live in Tokyo].flac37.03 MB
  117. Queensrÿche/14 Queen of the Reich [Live in Tokyo].flac39.31 MB
  118. Queensrÿche/Queensrÿche - Queensrÿche.cue2.27 KB
  119. Queensrÿche/Queensrÿche - Queensrÿche.jpg66.56 KB
  120. Queensrÿche/Queensrÿche - Queensrÿche.log16.22 KB
  121. Queensrÿche/Queensrÿche - Queensrÿche.m3u1.01 KB
  122. Rage for Order/01 Walk in the Shadows.flac27.53 MB
  123. Rage for Order/02 I Dream in Infrared.flac29.90 MB
  124. Rage for Order/03 The Whisper.flac27.26 MB
  125. Rage for Order/04 Gonna Get Close to You.flac30.67 MB
  126. Rage for Order/05 The Killing Words.flac27.73 MB
  127. Rage for Order/06 Surgical Strike.flac23.96 MB
  128. Rage for Order/07 Neue Regel.flac34.40 MB
  129. Rage for Order/08 Chemical Youth (We Are Rebellion).flac29.55 MB
  130. Rage for Order/09 London.flac34.47 MB
  131. Rage for Order/10 Screaming in Digital.flac26.80 MB
  132. Rage for Order/11 I Will Remember.flac28.70 MB
  133. Rage for Order/12 Gonna Get Close to You [12'' Version].flac38.33 MB
  134. Rage for Order/13 The Killing Words [Live].flac29.69 MB
  135. Rage for Order/14 I Dream in Infrared [1991 Acoustic Remix].flac29.19 MB
  136. Rage for Order/15 Walk in the Shadows [Live].flac27.72 MB
  137. Rage for Order/Queensrÿche - Rage for Order.cue2.39 KB
  138. Rage for Order/Queensrÿche - Rage for Order.jpg112.30 KB
  139. Rage for Order/Queensrÿche - Rage for Order.log17.36 KB
  140. Rage for Order/Queensrÿche - Rage for Order.m3u1.18 KB
  141. The Warning/01 Warning.flac36.03 MB
  142. The Warning/02 En Force.flac35.04 MB
  143. The Warning/03 Deliverance.flac23.43 MB
  144. The Warning/04 No Sanctuary.flac39.24 MB
  145. The Warning/05 NM 156.flac31.75 MB
  146. The Warning/06 Take Hold of the Flame.flac35.44 MB
  147. The Warning/07 Before the Storm.flac36.96 MB
  148. The Warning/08 Child of Fire.flac30.25 MB
  149. The Warning/09 Roads to Madness.flac69.14 MB
  150. The Warning/10 Prophecy.flac29.36 MB
  151. The Warning/11 The Lady Wore Black [Live].flac36.64 MB
  152. The Warning/12 Take Hold of the Flame [Live].flac39.23 MB
  153. The Warning/Queensrÿche - The Warning.cue1.85 KB
  154. The Warning/Queensrÿche - The Warning.jpg84.43 KB
  155. The Warning/Queensrÿche - The Warning.log14.68 KB
  156. The Warning/Queensrÿche - The Warning.m3u813 bytes